About Us


Kanoria Africa Textiles plc is promoted by the well-known Kanoria Group and its flagship company Kanoria Chemicals and Industries Limited, based in New Delhi, India. The diversified Group has been in operation for over 60 years and has a global presence in manufacturing organic chemicals in India, electronic auto components in Europe and renewable power in India. The Group also includes one of the largest chemical marketing and distribution companies in the world.

Kanoria Africa Textiles plc set up with the vision to sustainably produce high quality denim of contemporary fashion to meet the exacting standards of the leading international brands. To achieve these objectives, the company has invested in latest technology and highly qualified talent.


Our presence in Ethiopia demonstrates our commitment towards establishing and promoting the textile and apparel industry in Africa. Our initial contribution to this goal is 12 million meters of denim made in Africa every year.

We have a vision behind this dream, to empower the people of Africa with sustainable growth, to protect the environment with innovative technologies, to enhance African cotton production, to bring in new technologies and fashion and to create employment opportunities. We work closely with cotton farmers and promote cotton made in Africa

We are also committed towards building a healthy and productive workforce by adopting best practices in employee welfare and enabling local capacity building by recruiting engineers, training them and making them future global managers.